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Over the past few years I have been trying to share my experiences in my daily walk with God in Christ by way of the internet and social media. Lately, I have been positioned to share the love of God in Christ by direct interaction with people. It’s one thing to express faith and love behind a screen, it is another thing to do this in real life, face to face. Here’s the real challenge. To love one another despite the differences, to accept the fact that no one is any better or any worse than anyone else and thereby judging no one lest we ourselves be judged. And most importantly to stand firm in faith, even in the face of persecution (offenses will come). In the meantime, I am still sharing what talent God has endowed me with and trying to encourage others to live, to laugh and to pursue peace with one another.

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God Speaks - Let Us Reason Together.
God Speaks – Let Us Reason Together.

Along with a book version of “God Speaks:  Let Us Reason Together“, currently available at; a second publication has been completed and I am so excited.  God Speaks – Ebook, which I hope will soon be available through various ebook publishers.  Visit my Bible Page for more information.

Update:  “God Speaks” now available in Ebook format (costs vary) from many available Ebook publishers, or through  I believe it will bless you, as you read biblical exhortations through direct references, as it has blessed me.

Publication completed – Jesus In The CROSS-Hairs

Jesus In The CROSS-hairs
Jesus In The CROSS-hairs

A journey into the fray with the many authorpreneurs desiring to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.  This book examines some of the common biblical expressions in the light of scriptures.

Since this little book is considered a “handout” it is not available for purchase.  I will share this with the public as soon as I figure out how this can best be accomplished.

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