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Hi, it’s been a while I know. What have I been doing? Well, a lot actually. Over the holiday, I was asked to do a painting as a gift. Normally I don’t take on commissioned projects, but this was my baby and I wanted to do it anyway. I was asked to do an abstract painting. What’s that? To me an abstract is a painting without form, it can allude to some thing, but not actually be that thing. Well, I could not come up with an idea of how to start putting down paint that alludes to some thing. What I really like to do, and what I did, was a mixed media piece, i.e., a collage. You can find it by clicking on this link, or go to my Art By Faith page.

Also, for the holiday, I was told that my other child wanted an apron. I never made an apron before, sounded simple enough. What was a simple idea, turned into a nightmare as I started adding objects after the fact, like trim, pockets, a kerchief, and last but not least, embroidering the name on the apron. I do not recommend this approach at all! It would save time and stress to think these things out before the first stitch is made, better yet, keep it simple! I learned the hard way. Nevertheless, you can observe my apron fiasco by clicking this link.

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God Speaks - Let Us Reason Together.
God Speaks – Let Us Reason Together.

Along with a book version of “God Speaks:  Let Us Reason Together“, currently available at; a second publication has been completed and I am so excited.  God Speaks – Ebook, which I hope will soon be available through various ebook publishers.  Visit my Bible Page for more information.

Update:  “God Speaks” now available in Ebook format (costs vary) from many available Ebook publishers, or through  I believe it will bless you, as you read biblical exhortations through direct references, as it has blessed me.

Publication completed – Jesus In The CROSS-Hairs

Jesus In The CROSS-hairs
Jesus In The CROSS-hairs

A journey into the fray with the many authorpreneurs desiring to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.  This book examines some of the common biblical expressions in the light of scriptures.

Since this little book is considered a “handout” it is not available for purchase.  I will share this with the public as soon as I figure out how this can best be accomplished.

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