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Since forever I have loved to sing. Aretha Franklin is my favorite female singer of all time. I attended choir in high school for a short time and taught myself to read and play music on the piano. Later on I learned to incorporate music software and produced my own songs. I am now teaching myself to play guitar. I am passionate for Jesus and believe that God alone is right.

Finished – Display-Storage Center

I have finally finished my first project on this blog.  I have in previous


posts shown the beginning of what I had to work with – three miscellaneous wood pieces – and my intention was to marry them into a new functional piece.  I did need to add a fourth piece, an old footstool (seen at the bottom), to raise the unit off the floor.  It ended up being about 5 ft. 4 in. tall.

I have always wanted to try chalk paint and here was a good opportunity.  If I messed it up, it would not have cost me anything as everything I used, I already had.   I looked around online and at other blogs and found a recipe I liked (1 part plaster of paris, 1 part water and 2 parts latex paint)  This worked great and with this single recipe, I was able to paint all the corners and undersides of this piece.  I love chalk paint.

I didn’t want to work with the wax, and this is not fine furniture, so I

Decoupage tiles

put a coat of polyurethane over it.  I did a bit more detail by cutting black and white card stock to decoupage the base.  I also sandwiched some cardboard topped with cork board in the small square at the top to make a small pin-up area.  I left the one flat space in the middle blank and painted it in with chalk paint in black.

I think it came out very well.  Now I only have to think about where to put it.  Oh well, it was fun to do.

P.S. I had about a tablespoon of black chalk paint left, so I went

chalk paint
Chalk painting frenzy

around my craft room painting any and everything I could with the left over paint.

To God the Glory

I have finished my first project in “Home Decor by Faith,” and I must take a minute to give thanks to God my Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me in the area of art.   It was in high school that I was first exposed to art, music, sewing and cooking.   I have carried the love of these arts with me all my life and I thank God for that.  I did not go on to further education in any of these areas, but that drop was enough to spurn my desire to teach myself (with the help of the Holy Spirit, who I would consult with often), what I did not know.

In my poverty, I found opportunities everywhere to express myself.  If I had a hole in my wall, I covered it with a handmade painting of whatever I could find, even left over wall paint.  If my sofa showed signs of extreme wear, I found a way to make a cover for it.  If I needed a door, I concocted one out of some discarded material.  As a matter of fact, as I look around my home, I could honestly say it is almost all “homemade.”

I believe everyone is blessed with some ability.  I pray everyone finds theirs.  It is sooooo rewarding.

Almost There- Display/Message Center

Wood Project
Wood Project-DIY

Whew! I am singing praises, thank you Jesus,  this morning.  I have finally finished construction on this unique, what I am calling a, “display/message center.”  The next step is to paint it.  I am divided between wanting to do a chalkboard paint application, but as I’ve read other posts, I am wary of having to do any waxing.  The other option is to just paint it with some latex paint and seal it.  I already have a gloss latex paint in a color that I like.  Decisions, decisions.

I started out with a footstool that someone sat on and broke.  Then I thought this wood is too good to throw out, so I deconstructed it and added two old wood displays I had in the basement… I could do something with these.  So I got out my tools:  a jigsaw, a small drill for holes, and a big drill for cutting big wood pieces, a sander, hammer and misc screws and glues and got to work.  I had to add other wood for stability.   I also had to add a fourth piece, another old footstool, to get the unit up off the floor.  It is now about 6 feet high.  You might think I got carried away, and you’d be right!

Unfortunately, the very top and bottom of the picture above was cut off during import.  I hope I can get the whole thing in when you see the finished product in my next post,  I need to move on from this project as I have more ideas swirling around in my head.

Inspired by History

I was watching a PBS-NOVA program on “Petra: Lost City of Stone.” This Petra was located in the midst of a desert, where early engineers carved huge tombs out of rock cliffs and funneled water into the city. I was fascinated at the ingenuity of men to accomplish great creative feats and it came to me that all knowledge comes from our God. He is the greatest creator and imparts this creative wisdom to men.

It is written in Isaiah 28:24-29 KJV, … For his God doth instruct him to discretion, and doth teach him. And, Jeremiah 32:33 … I taught them, rising up early and teaching them, yet they have not hearkened to receive instruction.

In all our work, we should not forget to give glory to God.


Back to DIY-Storage

Finally I can get back to my storage/display/wall dividre/woodworking project.  I was hoping to be further along;  instead I entertained family members over the weekend.  We had a great time.  We talked about everything under the sun.  We had a movie marathan, I baked four (4) zucchini breads (the zucchini was donated and I had to do something with all that zucchini), and cleaned the house.  Lastly, when everyone was gone, I took one day off and did absolutely nothing.


One family member had mistakenly pulled down my makeshift ceiling light and today I updated it and put it back up.  With whatever items I had around the house, I made the light using a light kit, a plastic clothes hanger, and an acrylic tube covered with a piece of window privacy covering.

If nothing else happens I will work on my project today!


Working with Wood

I always have a lot of misc. wood pieces around and I am thinking of a project.  (It seems a waste not to do something with it.)  So by the grace of God and a little inspiration.  I will see what I can do with these three pieces.  It looks like it could be some kind of display for small items, or perhaps a room divider.  Come back to see the finished project.

The goal is to marry these three pieces to produce a usable product.

Hello world!

Welcome!  My name is Beverly Anita and you are invited t share in this part of my journey where I share the things that interest me most and how they are impacted by my love of God, our creator and his Son, and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Secondly, how this love influences everything I am and everything I do, from music to art to fellowship with family and friends.  There is nothing that I do or can do or would doHallelujah Praise without Jesus.