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Finally I can get back to my storage/display/wall dividre/woodworking project.  I was hoping to be further along;  instead I entertained family members over the weekend.  We had a great time.  We talked about everything under the sun.  We had a movie marathan, I baked four (4) zucchini breads (the zucchini was donated and I had to do something with all that zucchini), and cleaned the house.  Lastly, when everyone was gone, I took one day off and did absolutely nothing.


One family member had mistakenly pulled down my makeshift ceiling light and today I updated it and put it back up.  With whatever items I had around the house, I made the light using a light kit, a plastic clothes hanger, and an acrylic tube covered with a piece of window privacy covering.

If nothing else happens I will work on my project today!


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