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Behind The Wall-CD
Behind The Wall-CD

As an independent songwriter, singer, composer and producer, I am always looking for ways to share the expressions of inspiration that inhabit my spirit in the way of songs and music.  I know that is lot to say, but it’s true.  I get songs in my heart that are complete, sometimes with a whole set of beats, instruments, background singers, etc.  I strive to duplicate that expression in my home studio.  I believe in the edict I received of the Lord to “Spread The Word”.

I know that I am outside the realm of popular songs and songwriting, but I really don’t care.  I seek only to share what I have received with as many as will listen.  To that end, I have uploaded some of my earlier songs to You Tube, and most recently to

I currently have 6 albums and I am working on the 7th.  I thank God and Christ for this ability.

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