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What should have been quick and easy gift turned into an incredible challenge.  First I drew the apron outline on the cloth without a pattern.  After I put it together it was suggested trim would be nice.  What about pockets.  I should add the kerchief at the top to even out the patterned pockets.  Then finally, what about embroidering her name?  Crazy?  I didn’t get a picture of the finished project, but you get the idea.

The Apron

Mixed Media Painting

The name for this project is “SOAR”. I used a brass colored metal coated paper for the birds and the trees (made from the scraps left over from the birds) and glued to the painting. The kites and balloons are fashioned out of paper with strings to ground them and adhered to the painting. Vines and leaves are drawn with a hot glue gun and colored in, made to look as though blown by the wind. A woman and a man stand on the ground holding the strings and positioned as though also being pulled up by all the activity. The base is acrylic paint.


Mixed media painting










What’s In The Works


I’m gearing up for winter, starting with a crochet shawl. Currently it is 57 inches long and I hope to reach at least reach 60 inches. Nothing fancy, but I had this really thick wool yarn (3 skeins) just sitting around and I decided to make something with it. Alternating 2 rows of double crochet and 2 rows of single crochet worked just fine. The one unique thing about it is my handmade crochet hook, fashioned from a simple dowel. It works well with the extra thick yarn. I am sure to be warm and cozy when I wrap myself in this shawl. I can wear it inside or outside over a winter coat. It will be long enough to cover my head, neck, and shoulders.

Crochet Shawl


I’ve always wanted to try nail polish art.   I tried it on glass votive holders.  The one on the left is hand painted on; the one on the right is dipped (using a bowl of water, drop in the polish, swirl, and dip the glass).  Neither was difficult, although I did use glitter polish along with the regular nail polish.  I think the darker the polish color the better.  Both took putting on several layers of polish, allowing each layer to dry before adding another.  Not sure what I will use them for, or how they will react to adding a votive, but the more I look at them, the more I like them.

Nail Polish Art-2
Nail Polish Art-1

16 Candles

ART BY FAITH is rolling again. One of the many projects I have loved doing was making candles. I have been saving all my used jar candles for reuse; and in the last few days, I gathered all my apparatus together and got started.

What I did first was lined a pan with foil, put all my jar candles on it and put it in the oven on 200 degrees. This melted all the used wax, which I poured through a strainer into my candle melting pot (one of the things I paid full price for, because they never seem to go on sale). Then I thoroughly wiped out the jars with paper towel and washed in hot sudsy water. I also gathered all the little wick holders from the bottom of the jars for use later.

I purchased an inexpensive, single, hot plate for $12.00, and with a double boiler from a pot set (which I dedicated solely to candle making), I put the wax pot (with the melted wax in it and added whatever other partly used chunks of candle was, in the double boiler and then on the hot plate. (You can use the stove for this, just remember to check the water level in the double boiler often, and keep it at a medium boil.) I also added crayons in the color I wanted. One hint: if you start with a light color, and then gradually add darker colors, you can continuously change the color of the wax as you go along. If you have a lot of a specific color like blue, you can add red crayons to make it purple. You get the point.

In this manner I was able to make a lot of candles of different colors, adding more wax chunks and crayons as I went along. It is a good thing if you add the scent just before you pour the wax into the jars. I used several scents and mixed and matched. As long the scents smelled great together I was fine. Also, when reusing the wick holders: I took a nail and hammer through the bottom to both remove the burnt wick and open up the spout through which to put the new wick, and remember to pinch it closed with pliers. I used a glue gun to secure the wick to the bottom of the jar to hold in place, and a rolled the wick around a skewer to secure to the top of the jar to keep the wick straight while pouring the wax. Another hint: save a little color (or use a different color), maybe in another jar, because most likely the wax will cool and leave a dent around the wick. When the candle hardens a little, you can use the extra wax, or another color wax, to fill in the hole.

I have added some pics: 1) Picture of the utensils I used, 2) my 16 jar candles, and 3) a closeup of 2 of the jars with labels I made (print on inkjet and glue with Mod Podge, add another coat over the top).

Candle Making Supplies
Jar Candles
Display jars with label

That was fun! Next project please!

Scarf Hanger

I know it looks like Art By Faith has not posted any new creations of late, but I have been preoccupied with other things.  I did make a scarf hanger out of shower curtain rings as a gift to a relative who has many scarves and no way to hang them.  Check it out.  I used hot glue, some pipe cleaners, and finished the inset of the hanger with some tiny flowers and resin.  I haven’t heard anything more from her, but I hope she is using it.  I think this type of hanger works best as it curves at the shoulder and the hanger part is metal, the rest is heavy plastic.  Shower rings me $1.00!

Scarf Hanger-view 1
Scarf Hanger – View 2

Rearranging Rooms-Making It Work

Making it Work is the heading I am giving to totally rearranging my home.  As you may have read on “My Mission” page, I needed more space to accommodate my charge who is coming home from a long stay in the hospital.  Feel free to peruse my Gallery showing how I accomplished this.  Also, I have added a link to show how it looked prior to the change.  Previous Decor

One Dollar Spice Rack

spice rack
$1.00 Spice Rack

My kitchen has very, very limited space and spices are taking over my cabinet, falling out everytime I open the door to reach for one.  I’ve been looking for a “cheap” solution and I found it.  At the dollar store, I came across a set of 3 mini-baskets for $1.00.  I found a piece of acrylic I had at home, gorilla glued the baskets to it, and voila, a spice rack for all those small spice containers and seasoning packets.  LOVE IT!

Paper and Glue

I love working with paper and glue, aka paper machete.  This time I went bigger.  Using an old wicker basket as a mold, I taped on plastic, slathered it with vasoline, and then layered it with cut up paper bags and glue.  After many, many layers, I let it dry and painted it with a faux leather-look paint kit.  I call it a trough.  Not sure what I’ll use it for, but I like it.

Basket Mold
Basket Mold
Paper Machete Trough
Paper Machete Trough
Paper Machete Trough 2
Paper Machete Trough 2

On Gardening

I have been gardening in my present location or about 5 seasons, and each year I add a little more.  I love using unconventional items in my garden, I think it’s so cool (old tires, tiles, plastic bottles, etc.)  Here are some pictures of my garden.  Just today I went out and lo and behold a caterpillar tent moved in, positioning itself on a low-lying tree close to my vegetables.  I prayed to God about it.  Everything in nature was created by God, so I have no doubt caterpillars, being amongst his creatures, are within his power.  Maybe I’ve been too attentive to my garden, or maybe it’s just a fact of nature, whatever, I prayed to not let them destroy my garden.  Although I didn’t want to, I also went online to see what I could use to control (or even destroy) them, before they destroyed my garden.  God help my little garden.