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Home Decorating is one of my most favorite things to do. I love repurposing, or restoring items. I’ll share some of my more interesting if not innovative ptojects.

Rearranging Rooms-Making It Work

Making it Work is the heading I am giving to totally rearranging my home.  As you may have read on “My Mission” page, I needed more space to accommodate my charge who is coming home from a long stay in the hospital.  Feel free to peruse my Gallery showing how I accomplished this.  Also, I have added a link to show how it looked prior to the change.  Previous Decor

One Dollar Spice Rack

spice rack
$1.00 Spice Rack

My kitchen has very, very limited space and spices are taking over my cabinet, falling out everytime I open the door to reach for one.  I’ve been looking for a “cheap” solution and I found it.  At the dollar store, I came across a set of 3 mini-baskets for $1.00.  I found a piece of acrylic I had at home, gorilla glued the baskets to it, and voila, a spice rack for all those small spice containers and seasoning packets.  LOVE IT!

More is more when Crafting

I can’t help myself.  I have 2 new projects to share.  These have been done before, but they’re new to me.  The first is a shelf extending the fireplace mantle.  I have one of those off-centered, non-working fireplaces, so I put my desk in the empty corner, but it doesn’t meet the wall.  The gap and blank wall were bugging me.  I took a shelf I had laying around and some corbels, and extended the mantle.  It works for me.

Secondly, I could not bear to throw away this little CD case.  So, I painted the back of the shelf a room-coordinated color and used it as a bookcase.  I love repurposing.

Extended Mantle
Extended Mantle
CD Bookcase
CD Bookcase

Primative Chandolier

Okay, I believe that if you are a true crafter, you must craft.  After the burlap project, I immediately looked around for another project to pursue.  I have always wanted to do something with my boring, nondescript ceiling light fixture.  Hmm, I do have some clam shells that have been sitting around forever (I got them at the second hand store, of course).  My ceilings are about 8.5 x 9 feet high.  Something to bring it down a bit would be nice.   With my handy drill, I put holes in the shells, and in a coffee can lid, and strung them together.

After vicariously balancing myself on 3 chairs (I know, ridiculous, please do not try at home, get a ladder!),  I was able to reach the fixture.  With a little gold-ish paint on the fixture, here’s the result.  A chandolier!  A bit primative, but it works.

Chandolier 1
Chandolier 1


Chandolier 2
Chandolier 2

New Completed Project-Burlap Flowers on Burlap

I found this wonderful burlap covered canvas to hang in a blank part of my wall.  I am notorious for filling up my walls with artwork, mostly my own.  I found the canvas in the clearance section at Michaels (I also love clearance sections).  The canvas has a 12×12″ inset in the middle, in which you can put anything, i.e., pictures, shadowbox items, etc.  Since I had some scraps of burlap lying around in my fabric stash, and some fabric paint.  I thought, hmm, I could make some burlap flowers and put them in the middle.  Here’s how it came out.

Burlap Flowers on Burlap
Burlap Flowers on Burlap

On Growing Grass

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but its not that.  I have this urn, which is very deep and the plant I put in it died.  So what to do with this huge urn?  First, I had a glass table topper that I put in a window.  I put that on top of the urn and it became a side table.

When I saw that there was condensation accumulating under the glass, it seemed a good idea to plant something there, sort of like a terrarium.   I have always wanted to plant some grass in the house, like you see on TV and in magazines, which is mostly artificial.  Well, I am always willing to try new things.  What do you think?  Growing your own Grass in the House!   I do have to mow, it grows quickly.

Grass under Glass
Grass under Glass
Grass in the Urn
Grass in the Urn

My Home Decor Style

Every time I look at Home Decor magazines or websites I get excited and start to evaluate my own style.  As I look about my home, I review my choices and weigh them against those I see elsewhere.

I like muted earth tones.  They work well for me because I have a dark house, so I embrace the moodiness of it.  No glaring bright colors here.  Plus I do not have the option of changing features (I would love to tear out a wall) and paint all the dark woodwork white.

On the positive side, I have kept within the same color scheme (blue and burgundy with variations) with a background of browns, black, and off-white.  When I do this, I can move around any item from room to room and it fits in beautifully.  Plus it narrows my search when shopping.

Feel free to take a stroll through my gallery of living room and bedroom decor.

Don’t Toss that Calendar!

I always get a lot of calendars at the beginning of each year (some free, some I purchase), but whatever, before I throw them out I look through the pictures.  These pictures are great for art projects.  Here I have two projects from pictures I took out of calendars that match my decor.

Calendar Tray
Calendar Pictures


One makes use of two old 8-1/2 x 11″ document frames and a piece of white card stock cut to create borders. The other, using an old computer monitor stand, a plastic picture holder, and a piece of cardboard, cut to size, I now have a small bed tray that I use on my daybed to hold coffee, remotes, etc.  The feet of the monitor stand keeps the whole set up from falling through.

It just goes to show, you can make something out of almost anything.


Finished – Display-Storage Center

I have finally finished my first project on this blog.  I have in previous


posts shown the beginning of what I had to work with – three miscellaneous wood pieces – and my intention was to marry them into a new functional piece.  I did need to add a fourth piece, an old footstool (seen at the bottom), to raise the unit off the floor.  It ended up being about 5 ft. 4 in. tall.

I have always wanted to try chalk paint and here was a good opportunity.  If I messed it up, it would not have cost me anything as everything I used, I already had.   I looked around online and at other blogs and found a recipe I liked (1 part plaster of paris, 1 part water and 2 parts latex paint)  This worked great and with this single recipe, I was able to paint all the corners and undersides of this piece.  I love chalk paint.

I didn’t want to work with the wax, and this is not fine furniture, so I

Decoupage tiles

put a coat of polyurethane over it.  I did a bit more detail by cutting black and white card stock to decoupage the base.  I also sandwiched some cardboard topped with cork board in the small square at the top to make a small pin-up area.  I left the one flat space in the middle blank and painted it in with chalk paint in black.

I think it came out very well.  Now I only have to think about where to put it.  Oh well, it was fun to do.

P.S. I had about a tablespoon of black chalk paint left, so I went

chalk paint
Chalk painting frenzy

around my craft room painting any and everything I could with the left over paint.