New Poem: Sour Grapes

I would like to share a poem, from a collection of poems, published in my book God Speaks:  Let Us Reason Together called “Sour Grapes.”   It reminds me that God does not pass the sins of the father on to the children, but every soul shall pay for his own sin.  (Jeremiah 31:29; Ezekiel 18:4)


I came upon a grapevine as I walked in pastures true

The day was warm and sunny and the sky was vivid blue

I thought to sit awhile amidst the scenic view

As I leaned back upon a fence I did perchance to muse

No more sour grapes

No more sour grapes upon the vine

The days are past are gone at last that they should intertwine

No more sour grapes

No more sour grapes upon the vine

The judgment came to lay the blame no more upon the line

But every man his own to bear to eat the sour grape

For those who pick this bitter fruit there will be no escape

The sweetest fruit upon the vine make glad he keepers heart

And those who eat shall never lack the joy that it imparts.

Beverly Anita

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