On Gardening

I have been gardening in my present location or about 5 seasons, and each year I add a little more.  I love using unconventional items in my garden, I think it’s so cool (old tires, tiles, plastic bottles, etc.)  Here are some pictures of my garden.  Just today I went out and lo and behold a caterpillar tent moved in, positioning itself on a low-lying tree close to my vegetables.  I prayed to God about it.  Everything in nature was created by God, so I have no doubt caterpillars, being amongst his creatures, are within his power.  Maybe I’ve been too attentive to my garden, or maybe it’s just a fact of nature, whatever, I prayed to not let them destroy my garden.  Although I didn’t want to, I also went online to see what I could use to control (or even destroy) them, before they destroyed my garden.  God help my little garden.

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