Self-Publishing: What the?

So, I’ve got the writing itch.  Even after I typed up the entire manuscript (360+ pages), it is the editing that is getting to be a real challenge!  My new project is a book entitled “God Speaks” which is a merging of all my written journals (bible studies since before 2001). I am self-publishing with, which is great, but I advise anyone interested to really study the templates, and other write-up requirements closely,  before starting your project, including the limitations of your software (i.e., word-processing and PDF creating software).

What I especially like about is that they offer options for children to publish their own books.  Anything that involves encouraging and exposing children to look at the many options in life for good works, I’m down with it.  I may make that a future project for my nieces and nephews.

Oh, well (sigh), pressing on…

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