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Book Editing is Hard Work

I started writing a book in 2008.  I have done so many bible studies and, in doing so, I found out a lot of useful information that I was not hearing about by way of church members, TV ministries, or the like, a lot I hear is not biblical.   I decided to share some of the knowledge I gained in my studies.

I found  seemingly easy and affording distribution online, but as I looked at the recommended formatting and editing stuff, I found out it is harder than I thought.  The content pages have to be changed, over and over again.  I am using Microsoft Word 2013 to format my document and it is so confusing.  Try to add page numbers to start on the 5th page of the document and leave the first few pages without numbers.  I have searched and searched for a way to do this and I have not found it yet.  Meanwhile, every formatting change I make causes me to have to reformat each and every page.

Lord, help me!   Why can’t it just be printed the way I typed it?