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Looking Back

In commemoration of the passing of my husband of 34 years, I would like to share with my BA Gospel Music Ministry friends a song I wrote back in 2012 when we were going through a rough patch called “Prayer of My Heart.” In addition, I would like to say to you not to wait until a tragic event comes along to show love to one another. Make up with your loved one quickly, life is short. As Jesus said, “Forgive…” (Mark 11:25); and, “Love one another…” (John 3:23).

Prayer of My Heart


Here is a poem, an except from my book “God Speaks,” that I wrote some time ago concerning VANITY (pride, narcissism, self-importance, conceit, arrogance, bigheadedness) :

Vanity is as vanity does

She struts, she sashays, a cut above

All her contemporaries, some ere who may

Desire to copy her vainglorious ways

And what is vain as vain can be

A mirror image, a reflection is she

Who sees herself as only she can see

And bolsters herself into obscurity

One may do as the other has done

And esteem himself the only one

Of any consequence proven to be

Utmost in exception and desirability

Until such time as may arise

A vision, a revelation, a portal inside

That unveils the true hidden nature of man

Which denies all claims as only truth can

And lays bare the substance of all human flesh

The layers of character from birth until death

Till naked and open the one thing that’s plain

Is that vain is vanity and vanity is vain.

Spread the Word

One day, out of the blue, my mind started thinking in terms of rhyming.  I would read and get inspired by a certain verse or word and I would start turning over rhymes in my mind.  Feeling that I was on to something, I began writing them down.  That led to writing poems, I put a few on Poetry.com, a while back.  When I turned to producing songs, I took the poetry and put music to it in my mind.  When I sit down to try to produce the song, the complete rendition is already set in my  mind, so when I find the means, it only takes a moment to produce it.    Since then, I have moved on to making videos (it’s free), I just published my latest on YouTube.  “Spread the Word.”  Below I have listed the poem it was created from.


I speak these words by inspiration

Given to me by revelation

That by publication, education

Taken to a dying nation

May result in the perpetuation

Of the common salvation

From creation to the population

I got to Spread the Word

So with dedication to the situation

I maintain the observation

This persuasion of predestination

Is aggravation, and invasion

Into my direction

With no escape from intimidation to manifestation

by motivation of the preparation of this

Of this dissertation, illiteration, and illustration

I got to Spread the Word

My Music

BAGMM Album Covers
BAGMM Album Covers







Gospel Music Ministry started out being just that, an avenue for publishing my own gospel/christian music.  I have been producing music for some time in my home studio.  Self-taught, from humble beginnings; like others, I want to share the Good News of the Gospel through what I love, songwriting.   Since this blog is not currently adaptable to that end, I have started to put my music on YouTube.

You can find my songs listed at the following links:

Wilderness Road speaks to being alone (in spirit), just you and God

If I Be Here speaks to prophesied end-time events and the coming of our savior.

Since I cannot afford to professionally record my songs, they are available for re-recording.  For serious inquiries only, I can be contacted by email at Bluestar@ba-mas-g.com.

Update on GMM

I’ve been on social media Spreading the Word of God in Christ Jesus.  It’s been an interesting journey.  Some agree and some disagree with what I have to share of my experience in studying the scripture, but that’s okay.  I have on my armour and I am standing firm on faith.

Overall, it is a great opportunity to fellowship with other believers outside of my immediate circle.  What is most surprising is the many views, one sees it one way and someone else sees it differently.  But as I reiterate what is written in scripture, “Come, let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”  (Isaiah 1:18)  The door is open for dialogue.  Let’s talk!

Self-Publishing: What the?

So, I’ve got the writing itch.  Even after I typed up the entire manuscript (360+ pages), it is the editing that is getting to be a real challenge!  My new project is a book entitled “God Speaks” which is a merging of all my written journals (bible studies since before 2001). I am self-publishing with Lulu.com, which is great, but I advise anyone interested to really study the templates, and other write-up requirements closely,  before starting your project, including the limitations of your software (i.e., word-processing and PDF creating software).

What I especially like about lulu.com is that they offer options for children to publish their own books.  Anything that involves encouraging and exposing children to look at the many options in life for good works, I’m down with it.  I may make that a future project for my nieces and nephews.

Oh, well (sigh), pressing on…

Book Editing is Hard Work

I started writing a book in 2008.  I have done so many bible studies and, in doing so, I found out a lot of useful information that I was not hearing about by way of church members, TV ministries, or the like, a lot I hear is not biblical.   I decided to share some of the knowledge I gained in my studies.

I found  seemingly easy and affording distribution online, but as I looked at the recommended formatting and editing stuff, I found out it is harder than I thought.  The content pages have to be changed, over and over again.  I am using Microsoft Word 2013 to format my document and it is so confusing.  Try to add page numbers to start on the 5th page of the document and leave the first few pages without numbers.  I have searched and searched for a way to do this and I have not found it yet.  Meanwhile, every formatting change I make causes me to have to reformat each and every page.

Lord, help me!   Why can’t it just be printed the way I typed it?

My Playlist

There’s a real problem on this site, trying to add music.  I can’t seem to figure it out.  So, my recourse is to put my music on YouTube.  I’m still working out the details.  Since YouTube is a video site.  I need to put the music in a video format.  Will keep you posted.

Jesus brought us the message of the gospel from our Almighty God and Father concerning future events full of grace and truth.