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Mixed Media Painting

The name for this project is “SOAR”. I used a brass colored metal coated paper for the birds and the trees (made from the scraps left over from the birds) and glued to the painting. The kites and balloons are fashioned out of paper with strings to ground them and adhered to the painting. Vines and leaves are drawn with a hot glue gun and colored in, made to look as though blown by the wind. A woman and a man stand on the ground holding the strings and positioned as though also being pulled up by all the activity. The base is acrylic paint.


Mixed media painting










More Calendar Art by Faith

Calendars are great things.  They have beautiful pictures, worthy of saving and using in many artful projects.  Lately, I have endeavored to do a large collage.  With two medium large canvasses that I secured together, I used a great calendar of large flowers with inspirational words to produce a 3-D like floral effect by enhancing each flower with artificial flowers, ribbons, glitter, ink, fabric, clear wrap, even shoestrings.   I think it came out very well.

Now I haven’t done a collage for more than 20 years.  I had no idea where to start.  I was stumped many times.  But, where faith always comes in to play: I called upon the Holy Spirit for direction.   It never fails when I called upon the Lord, he always presents ideas as to where to go next with any project.  Whether it is cooking, cleaning, art, computers, my music, finding a place to live, anything,  I find that if you have faith to believe, the Spirit of the Lord will always show you what to do.   Now, what to do with it?

Check out my collage.

Calendar Art Collage
Calendar Art Collage

Ticket to Heaven


A component of Gospel Music Ministry is Art by Faith. This explores my more crafty side, which I use as a conversation starter, as unique, handmade items for personal use or as gifts, at craft fairs, flea markets, etc. I started out making acrylic suncatchers, using glass paints. The particular item featured below was inspired by a dream I had which I have never forgotten. I entered into a arena, a circus tent of sorts. There was a man sitting at a table whose figure looked a lot like Jesus, although I had to clear image. He handed me a ticket and told me to give it to the man at the entrance to the tent.

All Aboard
All Aboard

At the entrance a smiling, happy figure ushered me inside. There was a large auditorium, with people I couldn’t see because it was dark. We climbed a ladder to a platform above (like the kind a trapedist uses). There I sang and danced before the Lord (at least I believed it to be God), and he danced, smiling, with me. I looked down at the people and I did not feel any response, from them, but I knew it was enough to sing and dance before the Lord God, he was happy and so was I. After a time, I was on a balcony and looked down. Far below was traffic moving fast, like people in cars going about their business. I supposed I was to leave and return to the rigors of life, but I didn’t know how I would get back. The Lord God provided a vehicle, a car, which floated down and merged into traffic. What I gleamed from this is that for a time, I sang and danced on high with the Lord, just he and I. But, that it was more needful for me to return to the routines of life, and to carry that experience with me and witness to the world that God is true. (Ephesians 1)

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