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Aren’t these adorable.  I can do some generic crocheting, but I can’t knit a stitch.   These dolls have been given personalities.  Each one has removable outfits and accessories.  This must be labor intensive. I watch knitting and crocheting shows all the time, and read the magazines, and I am always flabbergasted at the amazing things knitters are making  (not just socks and sweaters anymore).  They definitely have God’s creative attributes.

O You Beautiful Dolls
I call her – Sassy
Dolls in a Row
All Dolls in a Row

What My Friends Are Doing

I always try to encourage friends and family to explore their creative side.  I would like to share some of their projects.  One of my fellow crafters has taken up knitting and is now doing the most fabulous projects.  I remember her first projects, headbands, hats, scarves.  Then she upgraded to footies, and then the most beautiful dolls.

Another fellow crafter works primarily in leather, but has also done metalwork (primarily jewelry).  Being very versatile (like me), this crafter has done bags, other jewelry and who knows that else.

I’ll be posting some of their work.