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Spread the Word

One day, out of the blue, my mind started thinking in terms of rhyming.  I would read and get inspired by a certain verse or word and I would start turning over rhymes in my mind.  Feeling that I was on to something, I began writing them down.  That led to writing poems, I put a few on Poetry.com, a while back.  When I turned to producing songs, I took the poetry and put music to it in my mind.  When I sit down to try to produce the song, the complete rendition is already set in my  mind, so when I find the means, it only takes a moment to produce it.    Since then, I have moved on to making videos (it’s free), I just published my latest on YouTube.  “Spread the Word.”  Below I have listed the poem it was created from.


I speak these words by inspiration

Given to me by revelation

That by publication, education

Taken to a dying nation

May result in the perpetuation

Of the common salvation

From creation to the population

I got to Spread the Word

So with dedication to the situation

I maintain the observation

This persuasion of predestination

Is aggravation, and invasion

Into my direction

With no escape from intimidation to manifestation

by motivation of the preparation of this

Of this dissertation, illiteration, and illustration

I got to Spread the Word

Making Music Videos

I am so excited about my latest project.   As I may have mentioned before, I am a gospel songwriter/singer.  I have so many songs recorded it’s not funny.  Being unconventional in my approach, and in my sound, I opted to record in my home studio.  I don’t have money for professional recording studios, which can cost hundreds of dollars and require spending a lot of time to, in  and from the studio,  I decided that by the grace of God, I would produce my music myself.  Now, that sounds simple, maybe, but if you have something to say,  getting someone to hear it is another hill to climb.

There are so many opportunities with social media, this has opened doors that hitherto were closed.  And, now, I have discovered music videos.  Not of me singing, but by using pictures, themes, typed words, other audio-video media (I am using Cyberlink Power Director that came with my computer), you can produce any type of video you want.  I am having so much fun.

If you get a chance, drop by Youtube and take a look, or listen, or both.  You can click on the following link to take you there.

Sing A Happy Song:   https://youtu.be/kF2GSOgb0MY