To God the Glory

I have finished my first project in “Home Decor by Faith,” and I must take a minute to give thanks to God my Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me in the area of art.   It was in high school that I was first exposed to art, music, sewing and cooking.   I have carried the love of these arts with me all my life and I thank God for that.  I did not go on to further education in any of these areas, but that drop was enough to spurn my desire to teach myself (with the help of the Holy Spirit, who I would consult with often), what I did not know.

In my poverty, I found opportunities everywhere to express myself.  If I had a hole in my wall, I covered it with a handmade painting of whatever I could find, even left over wall paint.  If my sofa showed signs of extreme wear, I found a way to make a cover for it.  If I needed a door, I concocted one out of some discarded material.  As a matter of fact, as I look around my home, I could honestly say it is almost all “homemade.”

I believe everyone is blessed with some ability.  I pray everyone finds theirs.  It is sooooo rewarding.

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