Rearranging Rooms-Making It Work

Making it Work is the heading I am giving to totally rearranging my home.  As you may have read on “My Mission” page, I needed more space to accommodate my charge who is coming home from a long stay in the hospital.  Feel free to peruse my Gallery showing how I accomplished this.  Also, I have added a link to show how it looked prior to the change.  Previous Decor

On Gardening

I have been gardening in my present location or about 5 seasons, and each year I add a little more.  I love using unconventional items in my garden, I think it’s so cool (old tires, tiles, plastic bottles, etc.)  Here are some pictures of my garden.  Just today I went out and lo and behold a caterpillar tent moved in, positioning itself on a low-lying tree close to my vegetables.  I prayed to God about it.  Everything in nature was created by God, so I have no doubt caterpillars, being amongst his creatures, are within his power.  Maybe I’ve been too attentive to my garden, or maybe it’s just a fact of nature, whatever, I prayed to not let them destroy my garden.  Although I didn’t want to, I also went online to see what I could use to control (or even destroy) them, before they destroyed my garden.  God help my little garden.

Suncatcher Art Gallery

These items are made from recycled, repurposed and clearance acrylic plastic, purchased from a local plastics store.  I like acrylic because it is stays clear, is scratch resistant, and it is easy to cut and sand the edges.  I create designs  and paint each one using glass paint.  They can be hung in a window, placed under a lamp, in front of a mirror, or anyplace light can pass through is best.  Also, I put

inspirational messages on most so that the words can always be prominently displayed.

My Home Decor Style

Every time I look at Home Decor magazines or websites I get excited and start to evaluate my own style.  As I look about my home, I review my choices and weigh them against those I see elsewhere.

I like muted earth tones.  They work well for me because I have a dark house, so I embrace the moodiness of it.  No glaring bright colors here.  Plus I do not have the option of changing features (I would love to tear out a wall) and paint all the dark woodwork white.

On the positive side, I have kept within the same color scheme (blue and burgundy with variations) with a background of browns, black, and off-white.  When I do this, I can move around any item from room to room and it fits in beautifully.  Plus it narrows my search when shopping.

Feel free to take a stroll through my gallery of living room and bedroom decor.