Here is a poem, an except from my book “God Speaks,” that I wrote some time ago concerning VANITY¬†(pride, narcissism, self-importance, conceit, arrogance, bigheadedness)¬†:

Vanity is as vanity does

She struts, she sashays, a cut above

All her contemporaries, some ere who may

Desire to copy her vainglorious ways

And what is vain as vain can be

A mirror image, a reflection is she

Who sees herself as only she can see

And bolsters herself into obscurity

One may do as the other has done

And esteem himself the only one

Of any consequence proven to be

Utmost in exception and desirability

Until such time as may arise

A vision, a revelation, a portal inside

That unveils the true hidden nature of man

Which denies all claims as only truth can

And lays bare the substance of all human flesh

The layers of character from birth until death

Till naked and open the one thing that’s plain

Is that vain is vanity and vanity is vain.

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